Bacon Brie Sandwich With Raspberry Jam And Arugula

This recipe will up your sandwich game by half at least! After you successfully make this, you will be thinking of all kinds of new meat, cheese, and jam/preserves combinations! The possibilities are endless!

This sandwich is all about the careful balance of big flavors.  Salty fatty bacon, creamy melty cheese peppery arugula and sweet strawberry jam all living happily together between buttery, toasty, garlic infused bread.  The first time I made this, years ago as a lunch for myself while working at a restaurant, I made it without the jam, but after tasting it I realized it needed something to cut through all the richness of the butter, bacon and cheese. The arugula was just getting lost and not quite enough to balance the sandwich. So I hunted down a jar of fresh made strawberry jam, opened up my sandwich and gave it a good spread of jam.  PERFECTION! It was just what it needed to balance all the flavors! I promise you will hear a symphony in your mouth (not unlike what is depicted in the movie ratatouille) as you eat this sandwich, you will never go back to plain grilled cheese ever again! 

This recipe makes just one sandwich but can easily be calculated for more, also keep in mind you can change out things like the arugula and the jam, I would still go with a bitter green like watercress, radicchio or even spinach will work. Other jam options are anything berry or I have used citrus jellies like a mango orange before. Experiment people!!

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Bacon Brie Sandwich

  •       2 Slices Bacon
  •       2 Slices Brie
  •       1 Clove Garlic
  •       1 Tablespoon Jam/Preserve
  •       2 Slices Bread
  •       1 Handful Greens (Arugula, Watercress, Radicchio, Spinach
  •       1 Tablespoon butter

Set your oven to 425. Cook Bacon (you can cook bacon in the oven at this temp for 15 -20 min depending on desired doneness) set aside.  In an oven safe pan, melt half the butter and place both bread slices down in the pan. Toast till just golden then remove from pan. Take your garlic and cut in half, rub the garlic on the warm toasted side of both bread slices.  Add remaining butter to pan and place one bread slice toasted side UP to the pan. Quickly layer bread with bacon, brie, arugula and top with other piece of bread, spread with jam, (be sure to spread the jam on the previously toasted and garlic rubbed side) jam side down. Gently press sandwich together and carefully flip over. Immediately place pan in oven for 2 min. or until cheese is melted. Enjoy!